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Back to creating again after 2 extrem medical emergency in my family

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Back to creating again after 2 extrem medical emergency in my family

I have been busy and and dealing with my brother and my cousin that were both in the intensive care from the last month and a half. I almost lost my baby brother ..How lucky I am to still have him ..He condition was so bad that if he did not get to the intensive care a few hours longer and he would of be gone from a bad blood poisoning ..from an ingrown hair gone bad. He has been released but still must Cary an "pick line intravenous machine that send antibiotics directly to his heart. for an other month. How crazy this is ..a 6 foot 3 man of 300 pounds almost lost to a invisible but vicious streptococcus virus. ..Good thing the man never was sick, before ..not ever the chicken pocks..That was quite scary. He is only 42 years old. That is almost a miracle that he is alive. His organs where starting to shut down. I can count my blessings for him getting stronger.

My cousin was also operated for this huge tumor that was sitting near her was her 10th and last attempt from the thoracic surgeons.. 40 years old. She has come close to leave us as well. The surgery is extreme as her whole rib cage was open again. Her heart was weak a few times. She had to have blood transfusions. ..They finally were able to remove that tumor that was pressing against her heart..after some radiation it shrunk a little so after 9 failed surgeries we were on edge..She suffered so much. So far the surgery was a success. I am praying for her to recover and be able to care again for her little boy! Please have them both in your prayers ..Things are looking up. and now I can concentrate and little more on creations .

I did fell down the stairs few weeks ago and ended up 6 stairs lowers all bruised up purple and blue all over my fore arm...Lucky me ..I did not break my arm. Lucky me twice my good arm (left) was not the one injured.. but it was close ..3 blessings in a row I guess..Ok now I am feeling better so back to the brushes .. Have a great month of June ....Sorry for not being aware of all your messages box is crowded I don't thing I can read it all. Please bare with me if I send you art when I should not..If you are away or sick. I think my box has 3000 emails ..Omg I am overwhelm with it all. Ok better get my self in gear ..Have a great day and thank you to the many messages of supports some of you have sent to me and my cousin and brother and for the prayers and positive thinking. It was so appreciated and carried us trough the worse of the storm. God Bless you all! xxx

Danielle Parent :-)